Strut Down the Red Carpet with These Trivia Questions

On May 16, 1929, the very first Academy Awards were presented during a banquet at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.  Try your luck with these trivia questions about one of the most spectacular awards ceremonies in existence...


How Much Does the Academy Spend on the Ceremony? # Photo from the first Academy Awards ceremony held on May 16, 1929. Image source: WikiCommons Each year, the Academy releases a financial report detailing the expenditures associated with putting on the show. The tab may startle you. In 2016, the Academy spent $44 million putting on the show, plus an additional $1.8 million for the after-party and $260,000 for the awards luncheon. (Those better be some good sandwiches for that kind of money!) It's not just the Academy who dropped some serious dough on the Oscars, though. A 30-second commercial spot during the 2016 show cost $2.6 million on ABC. And celebrities are spending some serious coin, too. The average attendee's ensemble cost a whopping $1.5 million, with some of the most elaborate get-ups costing as much as $10 million.

Which Year Did the Show Have the Most Viewers? # Poster for the 1998 Oscars which holds the record for most viewers. Image source: WikiCommons The Oscars have averaged over 50 million viewers only twice in the show's history. The first time was in 1983 when a foursome of hosts—Liza Minelli, Richard Pryor, Walter Matthau, and Dudley Moore—awarded "Best Picture" to Gandhi. But, even that show pales in comparison to the 1998 Oscars when Billy Crystal got to hand out the "Best Picture" award to James Cameron for Titanic. That show averaged a record high 55 million viewers (which is around what the Super Bowl gets each year). Surprisingly, with just 28 million viewers, the 2018 Oscars were the least-watched in history.


Who Are the Youngest and Oldest Oscar Winners? Speaking of Titanic, the oldest Oscar nominee came from the James Cameron film when Gloria Stuart (who played elderly Rose) got the nod in 1998 at the age of 87. Sadly, however, she did not win—and that means the oldest Oscar winner is actually Christopher Plummer, who at the age of 82 took home a "Best Supporting Actor" award for the 2012 film, Beginners. On the other end of the age range, young Shirley Temple is technically the youngest Oscar recipient—but not a winner. In 1934, five-year-old Temple received an honorary award. The real youngest "winner" was Tatum O'Neal, who in 1974 won a "Best-Supporting Actress" award for Paper Moon.

Which Oscar Winner Is the Only One to Have Two Oscar-Winning Parents? That would be the great Liza Minelli! Minelli won a "Best Actress" award for her role as Sally Bowles in Cabaret in 1973. In doing so, she was following in the footsteps of her famous parents—Judy Garland and Vincente Minnelli—who each took home their own awards in 1939 and 1958 respectively. Minnelli co-hosted the aforementioned 1983 ceremony and was the butt of a potentially mean-spirited joke from Ellen Degeneres at the 2014 award show.