5 Things You Didn't Know About Princess Diana's Wedding

On July 29, 1981, Britain's Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer at St. Paul's Cathedral in London as 750 million people worldwide watched. Here are 5 behind the scenes facts about one of the most famous weddings in history.


Lady Diana Got Her Vows Wrong Wedding jitters and being surrounded by a huge crowd could make anyone nervous, including Lady Diana Spencer. At the altar in front of the crowd, she called Prince Charles “Philip Charles,” although his name is “Charles Philip.” Prince Charles made a small mistake himself when he said “my goods” instead of “my worldly goods.

The Wedding Ring Was Ordered Through a Catalog .Diana went to the jewelry catalog from the House of Garrard, the oldest jewelry house in the world, for her engagement ring. The ring she decided on contained a 12-carat blue sapphire with 14 diamonds in a white-gold setting. After the death of Lady Diana, the ring was passed down to Prince William’s wife, Kate.


Charles and Diana Made a Slight Change to their Vows Diana broke with tradition by excluding the word “obey” while saying her wedding vows. Prince Charles and she talked it over, and they both decided that it would be omitted. Although no royal brides had excluded this word from their vows, it was common at the time to do so in England.

The Kiss Between the Newly Married Couple at the Altar Never Happened Most celebrants attending a wedding look forward to seeing the first kiss between the new husband and wife, but Prince Charles neglected to kiss his new bride at the conclusion of the ceremony. Apparently, Charles just forgot, which probably didn’t bode well for the success of their marriage. When the newlywed couple came out on the balcony at Buckingham Palace, they finally kissed each other but it was little more than a peck.

Prince Charles Had Dated Princess Diana‚Äôs Sister In 1977, Sarah Spencer dated Prince Charles briefly as he was looking for a suitable wife, and it was reported that she was the person who introduced him to Diana. Sarah let it be known to reporters that she wouldn’t marry Prince Charles “if he were the dustman or the King of England.” Charles quickly broke off the relationship, which isn’t much of a surprise.