5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Lamborghini

On April 28, 1916, Ferruccio Lamborghini, the founder of the company that bears his name was born in Italy. Here are 5 surprising facts you didn’t know about one of the most exclusive car brands in the world...


Lamborghini Originally Made Tractors Many car experts know that Lamborghini was not initially a car company. Yes, in fact, Lamborghini first started out building tractors which can still be purchased to this day. Ferruccio Lamborghini was a very skilled mechanic who originally worked for the Italian military during the Second World War. When the war ended and Ferruccio went home, he started building and maintaining tractors using all of the military surplus sitting around. Ferruccio's first company was called "Lamborghini Trattori '' after realizing the success of this tractor.  Blessed with mechanical know-how and a growing fortune, Lamborghini eventually made the move into the automotive market in the early 1960s.

The Lamborghini Is A Result Of An Insult The existence of the Lamborghini is a direct result of the competition that Enzo Ferrari brought to the field of luxury automobiles. While the Lamborghini company was busy making tractors and other agricultural vehicles, Ferrari had become a top car brand in the luxury car industry. Ferruccio himself owned a Ferrari 250 GT and was a big fan of sports cars, but he didn't like the clutch that Ferrari was using at the time. So, Ferruccio approached Enzo Ferrari about the issue. Enzo, who had a fiery temper,  didn't appreciate Ferruccio's complaint and told him he should focus on his tractors instead of giving his opinion about sports cars. As legend has it, Lamborghini took this as a personal challenge and decided to create his own sports car. Four months later the Lamborghini 350GTV was unveiled. This ended up being a move that brought Lamborghini world fame.


Models Are Named After Bulls Each car manufacturer has its own way of finding the perfect name for every model of its cars. In the case of Lamborghini, the recurring theme is bulls. Ferruccio Lamborghini was a big fan of Spanish bullfighting and compared the powerful animal to the power of his vehicles. For this reason, he decided that he would use the names of famous Spanish fighting bulls for his cars. The first model to take the name of a bull was the Lamborghini Miura. This became a theme and many more models of cars were produced that took on the name of a famous bullfighting bull.

The Design Is Inspired By Fighter Planes Designers get their ideas from everywhere and the inspiration for some of the Lamborghini models is no different. In fact, the design of many Lamborghinis is inspired by fighter planes. The steel-cut body style designed by Filippo Perini has become the signature look of Lamborghini. Perini has admitted that he was inspired by fighter planes, especially the American F-22 and B-2 aircrafts.

Lamborghinis Have Some Useful Purposes Lamborghinis are known as luxury vehicles and sports cars, but they're used for more than just status and racing. The ability for the car to reach high speeds has proven useful in other areas when time is of the essence. For instance, Lamborghinis are sometimes used in Italy for high-speed organ transport. These cars are also used as police cars, both in Italy and in the United Arab Emirates. In both of these cases, speed comes in handy, and the Lamborghini certainly fits the bill.