5 Shocking Facts You Didn't About O.J. Simpson

On June 17, 1994, 95 million people tuned in to watch former NFL superstar OJ Simpson as he led police on a low-speed, 60-mile chase across Los Angeles. Here are five shocking facts you might have missed, even if you were glued to your TV set...


Simpson Trained In Knife Combat For a Role Before The Murder Back in Simpson’s acting days, he appeared in a pilot for the show Frogmen. In the role, he played the lead of a team of ex-Navy SEALs who worked out of a surf shop in Malibu, California. For the role, Simpson was trained in knife combat. According to Variety, there was also a scene in which Simpson held a knife to the throat of a female intruder.

Simpson Had a Fake Goatee With Him In The Bronco At 6'1" and well over 200 pounds, Simpson was pretty easy to spot in a crowded room. Then consider the fact that he was one of the most recognizable faces in sports history, and you'll understand why the man thought he needed a disguise. But a glue-on goatee? You can do better than that, Juice. Despite the fact OJ claims he was not running from police, evidence in the car suggests otherwise. In addition to the infamous 357 Magnum he carried, the iconic White Ford Bronco had $9,000 in cash, his passport, makeup, and some adhesive for the fake goatee.


He Released a Rap Music Video Titled, "Get Juiced" Yes, you read that right. The former NFL star tried to dip his toes into music with the song, “Get Juiced.” The rap song was actually the theme song of his prank show, which is another bizarre business venture he pursued following the murder trial. What do you do after you evade murder charges? Well, other than rapping, you could also star in a prank TV show. In 2006, Simpson starred in Juiced, which was essentially a ripoff of Punk’d. On the show, he would go undercover at places like fast-food restaurants. He would take people’s orders and once they realized who he was, he would say, “You’ve been Juiced!"  

Domino's Made a Bundle Off The Car Chase The OJ chase involving the white Ford Bronco had 95 million viewers, according to Business Insider. The chase kicked off around 6:00 pm PST, right at the time most families would be settling down to dinner. People were so enthralled by the bizarre nature of what was happening, they didn’t want to miss a moment. So, families across America did what anyone would do in such a situation—they called Dominos. Though the company declined to share actual sales figures, one executive claimed that sales equaled that of a Super Bowl. 

America Came To A Standstill During The O.J. Verdict The O.J. Simpson verdict has been called one of the most-watched events in television history. On that day, everyone pretty much stopped to see what the verdict would be. Long-distance calls dropped by 58%, trading volume dropped by 41% on the New York Stock Exchange, government meetings were delayed, and other losses in productivity occurred because people remained glued to their television sets. G.Q. Magazine reported a possible loss of around $480 million in productivity because of the high interest in the conclusion of the famous trial. It was the least productive half-hour in American business history.