5 Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Osama bin Laden

On March 10, 1957, Osama bin Laden was born in Saudi Arabia. Osama bin Laden formed the al-Qaeda network which carried out global strikes against Western interests, culminating in the September 11 terror attacks. Here are shocking 5 facts you didn't know about Osama bin Laden...


He Loved Whitney Houston # Bin Laden was finally located inside a Pakistani building complex where he had been hiding for about five years. Bin Laden was quoted as saying “Music is the flute of the devil;” however, a woman who was a captive of bin Laden said he adored singer Whitney Houston and spoke about her often. In fact, he would have been willing to add her to his collection of wives. That same woman claims bin Laden “had a paramount desire for Whitney Houston and although he claimed music was evil, he spoke of someday spending vast amounts of money to go to America and try to arrange a meeting with the superstar.“ He was less enthusiastic about her husband Bobby Brown and fantasized about killing him.

He Carried a Stash for a Quick Getaway # Obama administration officials watched as terrorist Osama bin Laden was captured and killed on May 2, 2011. Image credit: WikiCommons U.S. authorities discovered 500 Euros and two telephone numbers sewn into the pockets of bin Laden’s robes. This would allow him to abandon his Abottabad hideout and disappear into the Pakistani countryside at a moment’s notice. By constantly being prepared to flee, bin Laden had successfully evaded capture by U.S. forces for ten years. Luckily, Al Qaeda’s intelligence failed to foresee the oncoming operation that claimed his life.


He Studied Business Administration and Economics He attended King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where he studied economics and business administration. However, bin Laden did not complete his studies and dropped out instead to run several areas of the construction business his father owned. Even after bin Laden became involved in terrorism, he continued to oversee massive construction projects.

Bin Laden Loved Sports, Especially British Football Bin Laden was about 6’4”, and, according to at least one person, was talented at playing volleyball. He was a big fan of Arsenal, the British football team, and attended many of their matches when he was living in London during the early part of the 90s. Following the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers in New York City, an Arsenal spokesperson said bin Laden wouldn’t be welcome anymore to attend their games held at Highbury.

He Had Downloaded a Lot of Porn on His Computer During the raid on bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, millions of documents and electronic files were seized by U.S. commandos. Among the papers and information on operations by al Qaeda, investigators discovered a vast collection of pornographic videos.